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Sekator Old school death metal done right. Sounds exactly as you expect it to sound but delivers a lot of great hooks. Good times. Favorite track: Walls of Agony.
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Produced by PROFANAL

Recorded at Profanal's Crypt in November/December 2011 by DANIELE MONTAGNANI
Mixed and Mastered by DAMIAN HERRING (Horrendous) at Subterranean Watchtower Studios

Cover art by EERO REINIAHO (

Released by IRON TYRANT (


released November 1, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Walls of Agony
When the breath drowns in the sorrow
Life slips away
Sucked down
Death open its arms wide
Embracing all
The spirit remain speechless
And succumbs

Plagued and poisoned

The soul letting go itself more further
Walls of agony rising
The useless struggle
To getting out
Will not lead anywhere..
Surrendering down
in nothingness

Plagued and poisoned

The blood is frozen
And mind is lost
In a endless hole
The eyes are closed
And darkness falling
Above last hope

Snatched by shadows of a bloody hell
they hunging me
down in the sickness
makes me weak and blind
so I cannot survive
In the middle of a storm
In the bottom of depths
Closed in these walls like in a forgotten tomb
I live the emptiness,staring the emptiness,getting the emptiness..

Plagued and poisoned
Track Name: Into the Abyss of Grief
Into the abyss of grief
The evil takes over on me
My mind is sick and suffering
My soul is buried and dead

From the bottom
Of the soul
Blasphemous voices
They float
In my head
As dead and putrefied

Into the abyss of grief
The light is lost in the dark
Drawn by the silcence of death
Drowns on the sigh of evil

Inside my soul
The dark side takes shape
Track Name: Black Chaos Horde
A dark grey cloud
On the horizon appears
Unstoppable force coming of destruction
Necessary source of evil

This black wave breaks
Through all resistance
spreading chaos and
Nobody will be safe

Black Chaos... Horde

Hear the roar, it's coming
Hellish forces are all here
Deflagrating and then
Explode out of control

It growes buried with fear
A nightmare that comes back
The horde of black chaos
Belongs to us

Black Chaos...

The human nature must not forget
Its remote darkness
The night arrives running into the blood
Track Name: Torment of Saturn
Under the Saturn influence, in a depth I walk
A long torment in the night waiting for transmutation

Of Saturn


Catched by anguish, I drown in dark water
Going down..the only way to see the truth

Of Saturn

Torment...of Saturn

Black evil mass changes through the Fire
A fog hides the meaning of oppression

Torment of Saturn
Track Name: Submission of the beast
From the inside
The beast
Now kneels down
Of my burst of fire
This demonical
creature of fury

Bend and I spit in your eyes
The abyss open wide
Kiss my hand in the name of void
And oath is done

Falling down
More down,under
The Serpent dominion
Kingdom of suffering
Of a despotic essence

I domain of the beast
complete obedience
submission of the beast
the blackest

Submission of the beast
Track Name: Conquering Cemeteries
From the morgue a dead walk
it chase to foggy lands
A squad of the undead goes on
to conquering territories

A march on the old cemetery
Enlisting new decomposed
Recruits with a rusty
Axes in their hands

Conquering cemeteries

The living dead army
Will break cemetery gates down
Trampling on the flowers tomb
To conquer the beyond

Conquering cemeteries

Terrifying soldiers
Returned from the death
To create their empire,
A zombiefied world!

Conquering cemeteries
Track Name: Worship the Skull
Following the left hand path
There is no going back
Here the whisper of the ghosts
They are calling us

All the pain
of a life
it’s like erased
when you see the world
from behind a grave

A circle where fall down within
The raven decaying
Open his eyes
Something is going to change

Worship the skull
A journey into the unknown

A timeless ritual
A jump into dark
Standing between life..
Life and death
Secret words are hidden
And revealed..into the skull

Looking into the skull
Confused visions appear
A sign of fire burns
In the realm of the Infinite
The body is dragged away
The sight became unearthly